Beyond Life

Aura Readings

Your aura is the invisible energy field surrounding your body. There are seven layers of the aura which loosely correlate with the 7 main chakras (energy centers) in the body. In this reading I go through the 7 layers of the aura letting you know what is working and what needs a little help. Reading the energy of the 7 layers of the aura can be very insightful in alerting you to any imbalances. In the areas which are not working well, I will offer guidance I receive from Spirit. Also, I am a certified energy healer and will use a variety of energy healing techniques to help you release the energy which is not serving your highest good. This can be very powerful in helping you move blocked and stagnant energy empowering you to make positive life choices and changes. This deep healing moves through the imbalances in your aura creating an energetic shift.

Intuitive Readings

In this individual reading I connect with my spirit guides for direct information to help you in any area of your life bringing you clarity, inspiration and empowerment. Discover what you need to know at this time to help you make changes, if needed. Schedule a session to inquire about relationships, career shifts, finances and next step inquiries. We all have free will choice which can affect our future. This reading is designed to help you gather information to help you heal, shift, and grow in a positive way. This session ends with a variety of *healing modalities to help clear obstacles you may have that keep you stuck in patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Virtual reading 30 minutes $65 55 min $99 Please call for intuitive reading parties! Bridal shower, birthdays, special occasions, girls night out, etc. Accepting payment via PayPal or Zelle @[email protected] Payment must be made upon booking a session. After you enter your email you will have the option to pay by Zelle or PayPal

Akashic Records Reading

Assist your soul’s journey!
The akashic records are your soul’s blueprint of all your incarnations – an energetic database of your soul’s information. It is sometimes called The Book of Life. It is a storehouse of infinite possibilities. It includes all past lifetimes, present lifetimes, and future possibilities. An akashic records reading can help you in your soul’s healing journey in numerous ways. Your akashic records include every energetic thought, karmic pattern, and every experience you have had in every lifetime, including this one. I tune in to read the energy of the akashic records to help you identify gifts which are to be utilized as well as patterns or beliefs that need to be healed or changed. In accessing the akashic records, we can get to the root of patterns or clear karmic cycles. It can be an important part of your spiritual path to find out which past lives are influencing this one, and what you can do to change it. It supports you in living your highest potential by offering you the opportunity to heal long held issues. Healing these negative blocks can help you live a happier, more positive life. We end with various forms of energy *healing to help you reach your highest potential.

Mediumship Readings

A medium is a bridge between the spirit world and the physical world. I use my intuitive gifts to connect with friends or family who have crossed over into the world of spirit. Reconnecting with loved ones who have passed can be healing and uplifting. Many people may want to connect for comfort, to lessen grief, to gain closure or many other reasons. I will share all information they are channeling through me. Keep in mind that spirits information that comes through is for your highest and best interest.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. It is a technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is a spiritually guided life-force energy that assists in the body’s natural healing process. Reiki raises your energetic vibration and can improve your overall well-being. Reiki treats the whole person, body, mind, and emotions. Although this is typically a hands-on treatment, we can certainly do long distance healing. (A long distance session pricing is the same as an in person pricing.)

Tarot Card Readings

Seek the answers you need. Tarot cards are used for divinatory purposes. I draw cards to gain insight into past, present, and possible future events. This can help you find answers to your questions about love, career, relationships, finances and more. My intention is to help you gain clarity and understanding about any situation. Readings provide insight to help you make the changes necessary, enabling you to manifest the life you desire.