Our instructors at Yoga + Herbs are highly experienced and well-versed with various forms of Yoga. They are easily able to adapt to our student’s needs and considerations.

Meet our Instructors 

Sanjay Pandey

Sanjay is an established meditation, yoga, and breath work instructor who has over 30 years of experience, training under great masters such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Himalayan masters, and advanced yogis. He is a trained Sivananda Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, a spiritual consultant, and interprets the ancient scriptures in the modern language effortlessly and easily to the people of today. He has experience in the theater arts, film, marketing, and business making him a self made man who always strived for purity in his path to train people to better health and higher states of consciousness.

Jennifer Ka or Karuna

Karuna is currently a Clinical Yoga Therapist with U Penn Princeton Behavioral Health teaching yoga to a population with trauma, major disorders and psychiatric symptoms. She received her 200hr yoga TTC from Sivananda and Sri Sri Yoga. She is currently studying to be a yoga therapist or yoga health educator with Sivananda in a 1000hr program. Karuna is a committed sadhak dedicated to the practices of yoga, meditation, and living a healthy life and hopes to share this with others. Growing up with a family who survived the Cambodian genocide has led her to the path of healing and serving others to come out of trauma, suffering, and stress through the practices



Carmela Danna

Carmela completed her teacher training in March 2006 at Yoga Works, New York. She has since attended various workshops in continuing education. She left her full time job in Princeton, NJ to pursue her passion of teaching yoga. Yoga has been a big influence in her life and she wants to share her passion of yoga. Aside from a regular asana practice, Carmela enjoys restorative yoga and meditation.

Vijya Hirani

Vijya is a certified Yoga Instructor in Sivanada Yoga. Teaching since 2006. Bring East to West, Vijya’s aim is to help train the body, integrate the mind, heart and soul as one. Yoga in modern lifestyle is a challenge we gather from external and hold it internal. We aim to let go, discover our true self, living life with peace and harmony.

Lily Saucedo


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