Our Vision

Yoga – Breath Work – Healing Therapy in Heart of New Jersey

Yoga Plus Herbs vision is to make yoga accessible to all people of different sizes, backgrounds, ages, levels, and abilities. Yoga is all inclusive and welcomes everyone to experience the relaxation, calm, mental clarity, and optimum health it offers. This ancient practice, now backed by modern science, improves circulation in the body, provides stress relief, better focus, and eases many physical and mental ailments. 

We specialize in unique breath, meditation and knowledge classes that you can rarely find. Many who never had meditated have experienced a deep wave of peace in the first sitting. Our yoga classes are taught by experienced yogis who are masters at this craft. And we have health coaches and mentors to guide you step by step wherever you are in your life if you are in need of support in your health or if you are seeker of truth and knowledge. We have all that you need at this one stop shop to holistic healing.

If you are looking to:

  • Build better habits and routine
  • Get physically and mentally fit and strong
  • Destress and reach more zen
  • Gain support of a spiritual and loving community
  • Receive mentorship and guidance in life and current challenges
  • Receive support to begin the yoga practice and don’t know where to start
  • Make better lifestyle changes
  • Feel more joyful and alive

Then we are the place for YOU. We make the space.  You make the change.

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