Enthusiasm vs. Excitement

Most of us believe excitement is a symptom of happiness. When we enjoy that thrilling roller coaster, or driving at high speed, or go on a first date, excitement instantly comes over us, but is it the same as happiness? With happiness, there is enthusiasm not excitement. Excitement has got hyperactivity, a sense of anxiety, and uneasiness that comes with it. You become worked up about something like if this person will like me or not, or lots of emotions, feverishness, and intensity arises. We should redefine the meaning of excitement to understand the exact emotion of it, it is the thrilling sensation that is turning on a button inside of us, not really sustainable happiness. This word can misguide people in a generic way. 

On the other hand, enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, which means inspiration from God, to be in divine inspiration. In enthusiasm we are in true bliss and ecstasy that is happiness, while excitement underneath it has emotional and mental turbulence. To switch our mind to a mode of enthusiasm rather than excitement, gives us inner centeredness and stability that is calm and peaceful but full of vitality.

No need to chase excitement, be in enthusiasm and be in awe of all the beauty that is always surrounding you.