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About Yoga+Herbs

Yoga + Herbs – your one stop to holistic healing & wellness.

Yoga + Herbs bring a revolutionary new concept to Central New Jersey through the approach of authentic yoga as well as Ayurveda services to promote healing and balance in the body, mind and, soul.

At Yoga + Herbs we offer various regular classes for physical & mental yoga, catering to everyone's needs. We also offer multiple Ayurvedic treatments, products and consultations.

By bringing together various aspects of healing, Yoga + Herbs have created an environment in which you can treat your whole self, and not just the parts. With the experienced yoga practitioners, teachers, pranayama and meditation specialists, Ayurvedic consultants, art of living foundation experts we strive to provide a one-stop shop that will meet all of your holistic well being and healing needs.

Ayurveda and holistic healing therapies, including yoga, have been utilized for over 3000 years and aim to bring balance in your life. At Yoga + Herbs, we are committed to provide an experience where, with the aid of our professional and dedicated staff, you can find that balance for yourself.

We offer extensive Ayurvedic treatments in order to guide you to find a holistic well-being. These treatments include: Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga), Ayurvedic facial, Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation, Shirodhara, and many Ayurvedic oil treatments. Ayurvedic consultations focus on in-depth analysis of your health and possible imbalances. We will take a detailed health history and determine which dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) is predominant and which dosha is out of balance. Appropriate Ayurvedic diet and remedies will be recommended. For additional detailed information about Ayurvedic treatments, please visit our Services section on this website.


At Yoga + Herbs we have considered every aspect of your yoga & ayurveda experience in our services and amenities. Our innovative selection of physical & mental yoga classes, meditation & wellness services, and massages can all be accessed in a convenient, comfortable atmosphere. We welcome our members to book classes or any services either by phone or online. Walk-ins are also welcome.


At Yoga + Herbs, we aim to help you achieve your holistic healing needs. Our entire team, including yoga advisors, Ayurvedic consultants, teachers and studio staff, will support, encourage, motivate and inspire you to continue your holistic growth.


On Yoga front - Yoga + Herbs offers a comprehensive schedule of classes for all levels of students. Classes are designed to complement your physical, mental and spiritual growth and provide the balance approach in day today life . Our dedicated yoga professionals offer a variety of classes each week.

On the Ayurveda front - at Yoga + Herbs, we strive to make Ayurveda a part of our everyday life and truly bring health and happiness in to every aspect of our life. Restorative balance is accomplished by Ayurvedic lifestyle adjustments, diet, sense therapies, herbs, meditation and yoga. When you incorporate Ayurveda into your life, you will start to feel cheerful, radiant, light, open and ready to face the world's challenges with ease and grace.


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