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At Yoga + Herbs, we strive to make holistic healing a part of our everyday lives and truly bring health and happiness in every aspect. We offer two different forms of holistic healing: Ayurveda and Mental Well Being . By adding either forms of holistic healing to your life, as well as the daily practice of meditation and yoga, you can accomplish a restorative balance within your body. In both Ayurveda and Mental well being , the consultants/mentors address the entire body as an entity to heal and treat any underlying causes of diseases and/or conditions. This approach of looking at the entire person as opposed to just the symptoms can significantly improve an individual’s overall health and quality of life. By treating the body with nature allows the body to heal on its own while significantly reducing side effects. Incorporating either Ayurveda or Mental well Being into your life will have you feeling cheerful, radiant, open and ready to face the world's challenges.

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