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Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to yoga. Which class should I take?

If you are a beginner you can come to either a Yoga 1 Beginners Course Class or any Basic Yoga, Gentle Yoga or Restorative Yoga style class. You will not be the only beginner in the class and you should always do what feels right for your body. No one will judge you; we were all beginners at one point.

Is yoga a religion or a cult?

No, yoga is not a religion or a cult. Yoga is accepting of any religions. Our purpose is to unite people though the practice of yoga. Our studio has a non-cult approach to yoga. We have no idols and no glorified teachers; no egos.

Can I do yoga if I am not flexible?

Yes! Yoga increases flexibility; but it is not a requirement to be flexible. Just do your best without hurting or judging yourself. Remember to listen to your body; it knows what’s best for you!

Why the heated room?

The room is intentionally heated to warm your muscles and allow you to work deeper and safer. The heat also heals, helps prevent injuries and promotes sweating which flushes toxins from your body only in Hot Power Yoga Class.

Why do we chant OM?

The word OM (Aum) is believed to carry all of the sounds of the universe. Chanting Om helps us calm the mind and connect with ourselves and the universe.

What should I wear?

Just wear any clothing that you can move easily and comfortably in. For hot yoga class, please wear something that you can sweat in.

Are there any benefits from doing yoga?

There are unlimited benefits to yoga; it reduces stress, increases blood circulation and improves strength and flexibility. Practicing yoga regularly (at least 3 times a week) can reduce any symptoms of many chronic diseases (i.e. arthritis, diabetes and thyroid disorders). It also promotes relaxation.

What are your operating hours?

We are open Monday – Thursday 6am – 8pm, Friday 6am – 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday 8am – 2pm. Massages, Reiki and other Spa/Therapeutic Services are by appointment only. We may be able to accommodate same day appointments.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all credit cards, checks and cash. We also offer auto debit payments from the credit card of your choice for our monthly unlimited packages.

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